Day 24

It’s Thursday and the end of the dig is nigh. Trench 2 is so exciting that we may have to mothball it and come back to it next year. At the very least there is a substantial lovely pit that needs bottoming, which suspiciously seems to be cut into stuff that looked like natural but turned out not to be. There’s always something that you don’t finish, but in this case it probably needs to be revisited.

Big event of the day is John P. locking an old lady in the church at lunch time. Luckily she has a mobile phone and so is able to summon help. She takes her incarceration remarkably well, although in any case, as John points out, there was a plentiful supply of tea and ginger biscuits to sustain her through the days that followed, although as the weeks passed there might have been an issue with scurvy.

The church trench continues to be quite rocking, with more of our exciting late Roman gulley appearing. There is also an exciting cluster of 4 stones and, as all archaeologists know, you only need 3 stones to make a wall. It disappears intriguingly into the section, so hopefully we can find some more stones if the toilet scheme goes ahead and we have to expand the trench.

Giles is on a solo mission in trench 1, and claims to have worked out the geology. He probably has, seeing as we’re getting close to the end, as by default in archaeology the last thought you have is the definitive truth.

Mike Dixon from A Plant pays a visit. Not only does he supply heavy plant and tools, but he also brings biscuits. What a top man. It’s a big day for visitors. Andrew Rogerson from NLA puts in an appearance, and is non-committal on our geology. It’s been a big week for trips from NLA, with the HER and NMP teams coming out on a jolly (sorry, site liaison visit), meaning that we can have a sentence loaded with acronyms.

An old lady, a bit like the one locked in the church by John P.

An old lady, a bit like the one locked in the church by John P.


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