Day 22

We awake into a media storm. Our strange body has excited the interest of the world’s press. At 7.20 the director in his new role as “baffled expert” (copyright all newspapers) is forced to knock back his cornflakes and mumble about “individuals on the margins of society” for Radio Norfolk. “Baffled expert” also makes it onto page 3 of the EDP and gets on the telly scratching his chin on a continuous loop on BBC Look East. David Gurney (County Archaeologist) gets in some televised chin scratching as well and a good time is had by all.

Rhianne is filmed digging in extreme close-up thereby shaming her children who find it “sooo embarrassing”, and the day ends with an appearance on Radio 4. The plan is now to get more coverage by changing “experts baffled by Caistor mystery man” to “experts solve mystery of Caistor man”. We just need to work on the solving aspect.

Anyway, onto more important things like archaeology. Trench 1 finds a cremation burial (now lifted) cut into the periglacial silt/gravel that has been the cause of so much joy and enthusiasm among the trench 1 diggers. They crowd around the cremation like 7 year olds playing football, with all attempts at defensive formations lost in a mad chase for the ball. And after 3 weeks scraping natural gravel who can blame them?

Only white T-shirts left now. And we’ve run out of John Davies’ Boudica book. We send out an emergency call to John, hoping that he will supply more product to sell to a discerning public. Otherwise, we’ll be down to the replica coins.

Slow-worm now back in hiding.

Dave G in the eye of media storm.

Dave G in the eye of media storm.


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  1. Angela

    We have so enjoyed our visits to The Dig – and are quite sad there’ll not be any more exciting trips to the home of our ancient neighbours for a while. I’d love to follow any of the discoveries regarding Caistor Man’s past (as they unfold). Where will that info be posted? Thanks to all the team who have been so helpful in chatting through the developments over the past 3 weeks.

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