Day 21

Monday, and the trench 2 crew continue to work on their strange features. They complete the removal of the strange burial which we have been trying not to talk about for the last week. This has been quite difficult as it has been the major excitement on site, and not discussing it has been quite hard, forcing us to fill space with thrilling tales of cake and slow-worms. The burial is a particularly odd example, with a man(?) lying on his side in a shallow pit. He has been slightly folded in order to get him in and his right foot is likely to have been just below the surface. The spine seems to be malformed and the manner of interment suggests an individual on the margins of society to whom the normal rules of burial didn’t apply. Early days yet so we have to look for signs of cause of death or trauma once he is clean.

The director obviously sees this as an opportunity to shamelessly court media attention, such is his disappointment at Anglia editing him out of their footage, presumably because he was waffling or his chin scratching didn’t come up to standard. Tomorrow there will be a media onslaught based around the mysterious Caistor body, but today the normal business of work continues.

Mike Salter, an early supporter of the project, pays us a visit. Mike responded to the director’s shameless plea for funds in the pages of the Times, and paid for a huge swathe of the geophysical survey thus paving the way for this season’s excavation. So the very existence of this season and this blog is partly down to Mike.

The Rev Rosie Bunn and husband Tim return from holiday in Turkey, which is a bit of a surprise as they told us they were going to Cornwall. They are pleased with the church trench, particularly the upper bit involving 90 cm of 19th-century tile rubble which is potentially good news for the kitchen and toilet extension to the church. The church trench has also produced remains that potentially predate the church, although as is always the case they are just that little bit ambiguous. To really answer the question about the origins of the church, we need to demolish the existing building, although we could compromise and just dig up the nave floor. We’ll talk to Rosie.

Sales push has switched to T-shirts now. Not many left so don’t be shy.

Caistor Man.

Caistor Man.


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  1. Have recieved text from locals re Caistor Man’s television appearance! Keeping an eye on blog from Finglesham in Kent.

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