Day 19

The day starts with a certain amount of media action with both the Evening News/EDP and BBC Look East descending on the site to film what’s going on in the trenches. The director is asked to pose as if using a trowel, much to the derision of his colleagues who whip out their cameras to record this rare and unusual sight. Under normal circumstances, obviously, troweling would interfere with his core activities of wandering around and pointing at stuff, but with the media present it assumes a new importance.

It’s a day of new people, and also sees the return of Chrissy, cake baking star of week one, who returns with a picture of herself wearing her Caistor(TM) T-shirt at the considerably less interesting site of Skara Brae (see below). Mike P is absent, watching England get stuffed at cricket as an alternative to scraping gravel.

Alice, our Roman pottery superstar, returns to admire some more of our lovely pots and after looking through several hundred sherds of grey ware is rewarded with the discovery of some lovely 1st-century mica dusted pottery. This is seriously posh stuff and we want some more of it. Also Sarah P turns up to look at our prehistoric pot, and gives us the exciting news that not only do we have Neolithic pottery from trench 1 but also an IRON AGE feature. Boudica’s small gulley has been found and we can all retire. Trench 1 is truly the world of distant prehistory and we have some very nice microblades which Peter R, the lithics king, found considerably more to his liking than the dubious flakes we showed him on his first visit. It does seem that Caistor has been a focus of activity for a several millennia prior to the Roman town, although obviously we have no idea whether it is constantly occupied during this period. But a good addition to the Caistor story nonetheless.

The lovely pit in trench 2 continues to go down and down with no end in sight, while the linear features revealed by the geophysics are gradually being teased out. Meanwhile in the church trench (the self-proclaimed Saga trench due to the combined age of its occupants) a step ladder has been provided to enable the old folk to get in and out.

And 3 more swords are sold. Only 2 to go and we’ll have sold the lot. 200 visitors today so a bumper day for merchandising. We may yet be able to pay for the hire of the dumper truck.

Here's Chrissy at Skara Brae modelling some tasteful Caistor leisure wear

Here's Chrissy at Skara Brae modelling some tasteful Caistor leisure wear


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  1. Avril

    We visited on Saturday but didn’t realise the significance of those swords; sorry – will definitely buy one next time we visit… enjoyed your blog. Avril & boys

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